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Photo Gallery

Ghostly Images...evidence? Ghostly Images...evidence? Misty Anomoly in Doorway photo #1 On a day investigation out on Camp Livingston with Bill Thompson from LGG, I took these three photos back to back inside of the old Icehouse with my full spectrum camera. In the first photo, you can see what appears to be a misty anomaly that doesn't appear in the other two photos. What you're looking at is actually the top portion of a doorway leading into a room that's filled in almost to the top with dirt, just like most of the rest of the Icehouse. During the time when Camp Livingston was an active military base in the 1940s, the Icehouse was used for cold storage, and part of it was under ground. Once Camp Livingston was closed in 1946, it was soon left empty and abandoned. Over the years, the Icehouse became a notorious party location for teenagers. Besides it being a place to party, it was also known for Satan worshippers to allegedly perform rituals there, along with animal sacrifices and supposedly even human sacrifices. Another popular legend, but one that is definitely untrue, is that in the early 1990's, a young man committed suicide inside the Icehouse by blowing himself up. That is not the case, what actually happened didn't even occur at the Icehouse, it took place at the old sewer plant on the southern end of Camp Livingston. In 1977, Brian Douglas Lanier, who was 19 years old, accidentally killed himself with a homemade explosive device. It went off in his hand and a piece of iron severed his windpipe, suffocating him. This incident had nothing to do with the demolition of the Icehouse, which happened years later in the 1990s. These days, the Icehouse has limited areas you can walk around or even stand upright in. Several years ago, a fence was placed around it with a locked gate, but it was broken into by vandals at some point. The gate now sits wide open welcoming in anyone curious enough to step inside. 204915322 Doorway photo #2 As you can see in this 2nd photo taken in the 3 shot series that I took from this position, there is nothing appearing in the doorway. However, if you notice to the right of the doorway (it's left) there appears to be a silhouette of a person that slightly moves upon closer look at the photographs. 204915323 Doorway photo #3 Again, no misty anomaly in the doorway, but the silhouette has moved just a minute amount. I will be going back to the location to see if the silhouette is just a stain on the wall that appeared to be 'moving' due to some slight movement of the camera or possibly even from any lighting changes from any small differences in the angle of the camera. 204915324 Seek Thermal 1 New Years morning 2018 We were out on Camp Livingston on New Year's morning at 5:30 am with the temp down around 20 degrees, although the camera was reading -1 . After being there for maybe ten minutes at the most, we started hearing what sounded like footsteps in the woods around us in several spots, along with hearing what sounded like people whispering right beside us, and even off away from us. When I started doing a thermal scan of the area where we were hearing the footsteps, we could see what looked like silhouettes of people moving around in the trees but giving off no heat signature. The first two photos were taken to the left of where we were parked and what you're seeing in the photos was about 15 to 20 feet away. 204803883 Seek Thermal 2 New Years morning 2018 Unfortunately, my thermal camera only takes still shots and it doesn't record video, so you're not going to be able to fully appreciate what we were seeing in the trees around us on the view screen. It was an amazing morning out there, but sadly, the only piece of equipment I had on hand was the thermal camera. We weren't expecting do an investigation when we had departed on our journey several hours earlier. We were passing through the area and decided to go out to Camp Livingston and mess around with the thermal camera since we were right there anyway. 204803884 Seek Thermal 3 New Years morning 2018 These next three photos were taken off to the right side of where we were parked, and these were also about 15 feet or so away from us. It was as if though we were being surrounded on both sides, and we were the ones being investigated. 204803885 Seek Thermal 4 New Years morning 2018 As you can see, it appears that "they" are moving around and even inching closer in to us. The entire time this was going on, we could hear light footsteps and the whispers continued, but we couldn't make out what was being said. For all of those times over the years that I wished that I had a digital recorder handy, none of those times compared to this. 204803886 Seek Thermal 5 New Years morning 2018 All of this excitement ended nearly as soon as it came on, this was the last photo I was able to take. Then all was quiet. 204803887 Abandoned Children's Home (location undisclosed) This was taken with a normal off the shelf Canon digital camera. I try to always take a regular photo of an area I'm taking infrared photos of. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this picture. 104270236 Infrared photo #1 unenhanced Using an infrared camera, I captured what appears to be a figure that can clearly be seen in the doorway 104270237 Infrared photo #1 enhanced I lightened up the color to reveal the figure a little better. 104270238 Infrared photo #2 unenhanced You can make out the figure in this photo and see that it's moved it's position some..if you look closely in front of the sink you can make out what appears to be a child. 104270239 Infrared photo #2 enhanced Just like in the other unenhanced photo, I lightened up the color and the figure in the door and the child in front of the sink is more evident. 104270240 Rosalie Plantation, Natchez, MS This photo was taken on the second floor of the Rosalie Plantation in Natchez, MS. I was taking alot of random pictures and upon reviewing them, I noticed something that was out of the ordinary. 101558279 Rosalie pic blown up and cropped At first glance, I thought it was a reflection, but then I noticed the outline of the misty 'figure' doesnt really fit the chest of drawers. There is a doorway directly behind the misty 'figure' but the folks at Rosalie have it blocked with two chairs. 101558280 Infrared photo Picture of a house on the bluff of the NatcheZ, Mississippi river walk. I was using my "Deep Infrared" Camera, and upon blowing up this pic, it looks as though someone was looking out of the window, however, when I took this photo, there wasn't anyone in the window. Please look at the next's Zoomed in to the window. 61722307 Photo cropped and Zoomed in Upon blowing up the previous pic, it clearly seems to be "someone or something" looking at us. 61722308 Doorway figure Figure in the doorway image was captured with a 3mm camera at a private business. The next photo is this one with the contrast adjusted. 183398237 Doorway figure enhanced Adjusting the contrast seems to bring out the figure in the doorway better. 183398236